Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nonfiction Text Features

Hello again!  I am very glad that it is my turn once again to blog at TBR!  Summer is going by way to fast and I would love for it to slow down a little:)  I don't know about the rest of you............

Today I decided to blog about nonfiction text features because I enjoy teaching nonfiction.  I love learning along with my kiddos about topics that interest them.  There is nothing more fun than kiddos pumped up about reading!!!

I am really into using music to teach concepts and I try to use motions whenever possible as well.  I came up with this little tune to reinforce text features last year.  Since I was teaching this concept during the holiday season I used the tune of Deck the HallsClick here to download a copy of the song:)

Nonfiction books are informational
Na Na Na Na Na
We read them to find facts
Na Na Na Na Na
Use text features to find information
Na Na Na Na Na
Table of contents, headings, and index
Na Na Na Na Na
Bold face words, diagrams, captions
Na Na Na Na Na
Glossary, maps, photographs, and labels
Na Na Na Na Na
Use text features to find information
Na Na Na Na Na

I am also really into using visual representation to reinforce the concepts.   I made cards to visually represent the text features.  That way I could use the cards to not only introduce the feature but review it later. 

 Some of my favorite books to use when teaching nonfiction are :


National Geographic Readers: Bats

Two topics that I like to teach are bats and penguins but that is not why I like these books.  I love these books because they show the text feature examples very clearly.  I wish that I could show you a peek at the inside but I am unable to at the moment.  So click the covers of the books to take a peek at the text features using the Amazon Peek inside this book feature if you are interested in checking them out.

Please feel free to share how you teach nonfiction text features &
what books you use to teach them.  I would love to know:)

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  1. I love the song. My students can learn anything when they can sing it! Thanks for sharing!