Monday, June 24, 2013

We All Need Some Quiet Now & Again!

Hi Everyone! I am SO grateful that it's officially summer! The weather's warmer, responsibilities are a little more relaxed & I have so much more time to catch up on life and tackle my to-do list!

One thing I successfully crossed off my list so far was creating a Facebook page for my blog! I'm really have a page to share quick updates...and of course some freebies! 

Last week, I participated in Ashley Reed's fun 10 Pin Linky.  The idea is to share your top 10 pins from Pinterest related to the the week's topic.  Classroom Management was last week's theme.  Through this linky I found even more ideas to add to my "must try/buy/make" list! Fortunately, summer has rewarded me with extra time to create these goodies! 

I saw the Noise-o-Meter on a couple of different posts and thought I'd try to make my own!  I'm from the school that First Graders need socialize while they work.  However, let's be realistic...every teacher needs some peace and quiet occasionally! 

Here's my version of the Noise Meter. 
{Please excuse this horrible picture - it's on the floor of my dining room!}
To assemble, simply print, cut out and mount onto construction paper. {When I return to school in the Fall, I'll laminate mine for durability...and because I'm obsessed with laminating!}

You can snag this freebie by becoming a Facebook Fan!  

Make sure to check out what else I plan to make this summer and try out in my classroom!

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Have a fabulous month!


  1. I have a similar voice level chart and that thing is amazing! Kids really do take it seriously! I remember one time asking them to get quieter and they told me if I wanted them to be quieter then I should move the clip down on the noise chart! Ha!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  2. I love the noise chart! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    Primary Junction