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Online Math Resource!

Hi all! Erin, again, from Little Miss Primary :) I am just delighted to wish you all/the men in your life a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
I hope you have been able to relax a little bit and enjoy celebrating Dad.

So, I kind of scrapped my first post (ha) and started all over.
 I was reminded the other day of a wonderful resource that I don't use near as often as I should--and I really wanted to share it with you today! I just couldn't wait until July 16th. This resource is FREE, interactive, and awesome. It will be perfect for mathematics at any grade level, Pre-K to 12.  I prefer to use it on a SMART Board or Promethean board, but it can also be used on a regular computer.

It's called the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (for mathematics!!).
Have any of you heard of it or had a chance to use it??
The home page looks like this:

The site project is funded by Utah State University and it is a free resource for teachers and students. 
As you can see, the site is based on the five content strands identified by the 
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: 
numbers and operations, 
data analysis and probability. 
In my first grade classroom, this is how I set up my math stations! You can read about that {here}.

Identifying number patterns with a hundreds chart. I love that the teacher can set the start point to add some challenge!

To use the site, simply click on the box that corresponds to the grade level and content strand that you're looking to use. Because I'm a primary gal, I love the Pre-K to 2 column--and particularly the numbers and operations box. So let's pretend I clicked on that.
Here is what you'd see:

There are so many more options but my screen shot skills can only go so far. 
Also, this was only for Pre-K to 2, Numbers and Operations.
Think of all the other pages of great activities!!!

The bar chart manpulative is really neat. You can choose the number of columns and the number of rows, change the labels for each bar, add a title, etc. It is also possible to show the totals and the percentages! 

NLVM on a Promethean Board.

I like to use the bar chart manipulative to take a lunch count! When using a SMART Board or Promethean Board, your kiddos can touch the bar chart directly and it will change colors.

Adding to the yellow column.

Honestly, the amount of quality manipulatives in this virtual library is abundant! I'm afraid I would not be able to share all that the site has to offer and do it justice!!

I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself! Even if you don't get a chance to use it with your kiddos, at least you'll have the summer to play around with the site and maybe get some new ideas!

The actual web address is:
If you start typing "national library of virtual manipulatives" in Google, though, it should pop up.
Here is the link again: 

I hope you get a chance to explore the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives! 
Thanks for letting me share and I'll be back on July 16th.

Have a wonderful evening!!
Love love, Erin

The Teacher Wife

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